Cash Terms

Cash Terms are used when financial values are presented using the values that were current at the time, not allowing for inflaton.

Export Statistics Scotland (ESS)

The Scottish Government produces a National Statistics publication, Export Statistics Scotland (ESS), which estimates the value of Scottish exports at sector level. It includes estimates for goods and service exports and is the only source of estimates for exports from Scotland to the rest of the UK. It is published in January each year, with the 2015 publication published in January 2017.

Government Revenue and Expenditure Scotland (GERS)

GERS provides a breakdown of Scottish Public Revenue and Expenditure. GERS is compiled by statisticians and economists in the Office of the Chief Economic Adviser of the Scottish Government. The Scottish Government's Chief Statistician takes responsibility for this publication.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Gross domestic product (GDP) is a measure of economic activity which captures the value of goods and services produced during a given period. Change in GDP is the main indicator of economic growth. When external commentators describe the growth or decline of the economy, it is the change in GDP to which they refer.

Public Expenditure

This refers to the money spent by government on public services, debt repayment and services.

Public Revenue

This refers to the income raised by governments. The bulk of government revenue is raised from taxes, however land rents and other investments can contribute

Quarterly National Accounts Scotland (QNAS)

Quarterly National Accounts Scotland (QNAS) reports estimates of GVA and GDP measured using output, income and expenditure approaches, estimates of UK extra-regio GVA (e.g. offshore oil & gas) attributable to Scotland, household expenditure and disposable income statistics, and public sector revenues.

Real Terms

Real Terms are used when financial values are presented allowing for inflation to present the values relative to a specified year.

Scottish National Accounts Programme (SNAP)

The Scottish National Accounts Programme (SNAP) aims to enhance the scope of economic statistics in Scotland and to improve consistency and comparability between measures.