Scotland exports by category

Scotland's on-shore top export sector in 2016 was Financial and Insurance Services at £9,2550m, closely followed by Food, Beverages and Tobacco at 9,155m.

Scottish Exports by Sector (SIC Code) 2016
Sector ( SIC 2007 Division )EU (£m)Non-EU (£m)rUK (£m)Total (£m)EU % Non-EU%rUK %Total %
Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing1651707001,0400%0%1%1%
Mining and Quarrying5601,4453,0655,0651%2%4%7%
Food products, beverages and tobacco products2,0203,4353,7859,2403%5%5%12%
  Of Which Distilling, rectifying and blending of spirits 1,4203,0505405,0102%4%1%7%
Textiles, wearing apparel, leather and related products1951402706050%0%0%1%
Wood and paper products; and printing2801158001,2000%0%1%2%
Coke, refined petroleum and chemical products2,2153551,1253,7003%0%1%5%
Basic pharmaceutical products and their products220175954900%0%0%1%
Rubber, plastic and other non-metallic mineral products5152455051,2651%0%1%2%
Basic metals and fabricated metal products, except machinery2254206251,2750%1%1%2%
Computer, electronic and optical products6356806001,9151%1%1%3%
Electrical equipment1301901004200%0%0%1%
Machinery and equipment n.e.c6557456252,0251%1%1%3%
Transport equipment2108801,0752,1650%1%1%3%
Furniture, other manufacturing; repair and installation of machinery and equipment1855459601,6900%1%1%2%
Total Manufacturing7,4907,93010,57025,98510%10%14%34%
Wholesale, retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles1,0256855,9107,6201%1%8%10%
Transportation and storage7504202,1203,2901%1%3%4%
Accommodation and food service activities1601806209600%0%1%1%
Information and communication2607451,6002,6000%1%2%3%
Financial and insurance activities3951,2057,7859,3801%2%10%12%
Real estate activities20301952450%0%0%0%
Professional, scientific and technical activities1,0002,7153,8607,5751%4%5%10%
Administrative and support service activities3258752,6203,8250%1%3%5%
Other Services55302753600%0%0%0%
Total Services4,2357,40525,47537,1156%10%34%49%

UK exports by category

the UKs top export sector was Financial Services

UK Exports by Service/Product Category
Category Value (£m) Value (%)
Manufacturing on physical inputs owned by others 2,191 0.43%
Maintenance and repair 1,164 0.23%
Transport 24,100 4.72%
Travel 29,758 5.83%
Construction 1,574 0.31%
Insurance and pension services 12,907 2.53%
Financial 50,769 9.95%
Intellectual property 11,480 2.25%
Telecommunication, computer and information services 15,893 3.11%
Other business 70,527 13.82%
Personal, cultural and recreational services 2,505 0.49%
Government 2,617 0.51%
Food, beverages and tobacco 18,095 3.55%
Basic materials 6,086 1.19%
  Crude oil 10,462 2.05%
  Oil products 10,622 2.08%
Total oil 21,084 4.13%
Coal, gas and electricity 3,097 0.61%
Semi Manufactured Goods
  Chemicals 51,626 10.12%
  Precious stones and silver 3,242 0.64%
  Other 23,847 4.67%
Total semi-manufactured goods 78,715 15.42%
Finished Manufactued Goods
  Motor cars 25,607 5.02%
  Other consumer goods 28,341 2.00%
  Intermediate goods 45,661 8.95%
  Capital goods 36,690 7.19%
  Ships and aircraft 13,619 2.67%
Total finished manufactured goods 149,918 29.38%
Commodities and Transactions not classified to kind 7,860 1.54%
Total 510,340
Source(s): The Pink Book